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Chris Crowley   |   Jeremy James


Chris Crowley


Chris Crowley is the New York Times bestselling co-author (with the late NYC internist and Columbia Medical School Professor, Henry S. Lodge, M.D. “Harry”) of the YOUNGER NEXT YEAR books which have sold over two million copies in 23 languages. Chris had the idea for the books and did much of the writing but he is quick to say that “Harry was the brains of the outfit.” The books have been called ‘The Boomers’ Bible’ and ‘The Best Thing Ever Written’ about fitness and wellness for those over 40. They are “cult books” for those generations.

Chris has recently (early 2018) completed THE YOUNGER NEXT YEAR BACK BOOK, a book on permanently ending back pain, with leading healer, Dr. Jeremy James of Aspen. It comes out this summer. He and Jeremy (almost all Jeremy) have also created a program of streamed, subscription videos, BackForever.com, which teach Jeremy’s protocol in depth. The early response has been remarkable. “They work, and there’s nothing like ‘em out there,” Chris says. “I think they’re going to change a lot of lives. A lot of them.”

In 2016, Chris, Harry and leading trainers, Bill Fabrocini P.PT. C.S.C.S., and Riggs Klika Ph.D. published Younger Next Year, THE EXERCISE BOOK, a cutting-edge guide to aerobic exercise and strength training. This little book (which is a bit of a sleeper) is one of Chris’s favorites. “It tells you what exactly what to do, when you exercise, and how to do it right, which makes all the difference. All of us think we know how to exercise; most of us just plain don’t.” Bill’s strength training videos are available at Youngernextyear.com.

In the fall of 2016, AARP Magazine  (circulation 37 million) ran a special 7-page digest of the Younger Next Year books.

In 2013, Chris was the co-author (with George Washington University Professor, Jen Sacheck, Ph.D.) of THINNER THIS YEAR, a definitive, laymen’s guide to fitness, nutrition and exercise.


Chris’s greatest pleasure is giving Keynote talks on The Revolution in Aging and Behavior, the subject of all the books. 

A competitor calls him “One of the three best speakers in the country.”

Chris says. “You can put off 70% of aging until near the end; you can eliminate 50% of the worst diseases. No one in the scientific community disagrees, but most of us don’t know or don’t act. My great job in life is to show as many as possible how to be radically healthier, more energetic, more fit, smarter, more optimistic and more effective. And to make ‘em laugh while they learn. Pretty nice assignment.”

Chris was born in Salem Massachusetts.  He is a graduate of Exeter, Harvard College and The University of Virginia Law School. He spent his 25 year professional career at the New York City law firm, Davis Polk, almost all as a partner in litigation.

Career highlights include having led a team of 40 lawyers in the largest contested takeover case up to that time and bringing – and successfully arguing before The Supreme Court – a pro bono case to get more African-American and Hispanic policemen hired and promoted in the New York City Police Department.

Chris considers himself that comparative rarity, a happy lawyer, but he retired at 56, because he wanted to live more than one life. After retirement Chris and his wife, the portrait painter Hilary Cooper, moved to Aspen Colorado for five years where she painted and he became a super-annuated ski bum and writer. During this period, he got the idea for what would become the Younger Next Year books. Today they live in New York City and Lakeville Connecticut, in the Berkshires. They have three children, six grandchildren, and Olive, a Havanese Mountain Dog (There are no Havanese Mountain Dogs but Olive comes close.)


Jeremy James


Dr. Jeremy James was pulled into the world of back pain care through his own experience with chronic, debilitating back pain as a young man. His passion for sports with high rates of injury such as skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking led to serious back pain early in life. His journey to healing himself culminated in the development of his unique 5-Step BackForever protocol that he has used to help hundreds of clients end their back and neck pain.

Jeremy was surrounded by passionate health care professionals throughout his whole childhood. His father and grandfather were both medical doctors, and his mom and aunt were nurses. He always knew he would end up in the healthcare world himself. After his own difficult experience struggling to navigate the murky world of back pain care, he knew the path he had to take. Back pain is so common, yet until now, so poorly treated. He ultimately fixed himself and used his experience as a springboard to develop a program that would work for the vast majority of back and neck pain sufferers.

Dr. James founded and was director of the Aspen Club Back Institute in Aspen, Colorado, a clinic specializing in care for chronic back pain sufferers who have failed to get results through other means, and is the founder of Backforever.com. He counted Olympic athletes, professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and everyday hardworking people as his success stories. Dr. James has now compiled and digitized his protocol into BackForever so that people everywhere can get the same world-class care, instruction, and education that his clients in his Aspen, Colorado clinic received.

Dr. James is the coauthor, with Chris Crowley, of the “The Younger Next Year Back Book.” The original “Younger Next Year” books — written by Chris Crowley and the late New York internist and Columbia University Medical Center Professor, Henry S. Lodge MD —  have sold over two million copies in 23 languages. Their basic premise is that behavioral change (especially exercise) can put off 70% of aging until close to the end of life and completely eliminate 50% of major illnesses and accidents (like heart disease, diabetes, and most cancers). The new Back Book applies these ideas to back pain.

Dr. Jeremy James earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville and his DC from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He is also a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist through NSCA.

Dr. James operates a pro bono program for US military veterans with back pain. Veterans have access to BackForever for free.

Jeremy currently lives in Aspen, Colorado with his wife and young son. He still enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking, free of pain.