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Colonel Tim Whalen at the annual 10th Mountain Division reunion in Ski Copper

Colonel Tim Whalen at the annual 10th Mountain Division reunion in Ski Copper

“My career as a senior Army Special Forces officer (Green Beret) was ended too early by spine damage and pain. If I had known Dr. Jeremy James, DC, CSCS, and his back forever program, my career would have been saved, and I would have avoided years of back pain. But I didn’t and so decades of parachuting, carrying heavy mission loads in rough terrain, high risk training and special operations changed my life for the worse. I was going through medical retirement on the morning of 9/11. When I heard the news, I called the Army’s three star special operations commander and asked him to put me in. That he did and I was involved and doing my job until increased pain made it impossible for me to continue, even in war. I was then medevaced from Afghanistan in early 2002 and despite the military’s best rehabilitation efforts, medically retired. I was then literally in pain from from my spine damage every waking minute. I searched for and found the best physical therapists, spine doctors, yoga therapists and so on. You name it, I tried it. But it was only when I found Dr. Jeremy James and his great team at Backforever that anything changed. My first sign of what kind of practitioner I was dealing with came when I called, told him who I was and my problems, and asked what if he took my insurance. His immediate reply was the based on my career and how I was injured, he would treat me for free. That he, and his great team, did! They took care of me for weeks and have followed up since then. Thanks to him and his Backforever program, I was out of pain for the first time in 20 years. Backforever is a tremendously effective rehabilitation program and Jeremy is the best at what he does. As I said, he and his work would have saved my career, and a lot of life-limiting pain since then. Dr. James is also an extraordinarily empathetic and personally connected professional. He has made his tremendously effective back rehabilitation program available by video free for all active duty and military and veterans.  His videos take you from step one on in a clear and very easy to follow manner.  He is such a careful and detailed instructor that following his program over the internet is as effective as being with him in person.  I have done both - both are life-changing! Give it a try - I believe it will change your life! It did mine!”

- Tim Whalen, Colonel (Retired) | U.S. Army Special Forces

I had a severe episode of sciatica three weeks ago (unable to stand, walk, or even sit) and saw my doctor who recommended Jeremy’s book and his web site. Just reading the book and practicing the “neutral spine” concept and the recommended isometrics brought immediate relief. Although I am still in pain, in one week, I am down from a 9/10 to a 6/10.

I am convinced that using a “neutral spine” prevented the sciatica from getting worse. Last time I had sciatica, I was constantly putting my back out again and again. But this time, once I realized the correct posture, my lower back, hips, and thigh were able to rest and start healing instead of being continuously stressed from bad posture and turning.

Reading his book, I came out of denial and realized my eight hour stressful job was literally killing my back. I am overweight, and came to terms that I have to lose weight and tone up my core muscles. There’s nothing like pain as a motivator! I have already lost 10 lbs., that’s how motivated I am! I am also toning my core which is imperative to healing and preventing another episode. Also, I realized the necessity of walking even for five minutes every half hour is imperative when I return to work.

When in pain, it’s hard to grasp new ideas or understand the complexity of the spine. Years ago, when I went to PT, I didn’t understand what the therapist was telling me, there were too many new concepts, poorly drawn illustrations, and it was just plain exhaustion getting to and from the appointments. But now, I can follow the concepts and the steps in Jeremy’s book which are laid out in a way that makes them easy to understand. There is also a ton of helpful information and the book is written in a way that is encouraging and motivational.

Also, Jeremy’s web site: backforever.com has an initial assessment you take to see where you should start. The videos are easy to understand and there is so much good information! Thank you Jeremy, I was ready to learn, and working with you and my doctor, I have a treatment plan I can actually follow and want to follow because I am seeing the results right away. Thank you!
— Montara (Amazon Review)

Following back surgery in the fall of 2014 and physical therapy to recover I was introduced to Jeremy through a friend. [It] could have been one of the most significant introductions of my life. His series of foundational exercises have helped me rebuild from the inside out and are still a part of my daily routine three years later. Incorporating his ideas into my workout has made my core so much stronger than [it] ever was and it allows me to participate in so many of the activities we live for here in Colorado. I love to ski, hike, mountain bike, and even coach youth football. The coolest part is I get do these things with my two kids (ages 9 and 11) thanks to Jeremy.
— Bubba Eggleston, Aspen, CO | CNE, Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty

I was referred to Jeremy by a close friend who had a great outcome with him. I have had neck and back issues for years that have prevented me from doing simple movements such as lifting anything overhead. Certain movements would cause excruciating neck pain that would last for days. I dreaded these episodes so much I avoided these movements at all costs. Chiropractors and physical therapists would always provide me with short-term relief once I was in pain, but they never showed me how to stop these things on my own. Within a few sessions, Jeremy helped me regain enough strength in my back and upper body to allow me to lift overhead without these episodes. In addition, my low back feels better than it has in many years. If I follow Jeremy’s program, I feel great.
— Richard Jelinek, NY | Co-Founder and CEO of Medicus Systems Corporation Mediflex Systems Corporation, Former Chairman of the Board of Knowledge Data Systems and Lifemark Corporation

Whether you are an athlete who wants to optimize your potential, an individual who has goals to improve their overall health and fitness, or someone with acute and chronic issues that no one else has been able to address, you should consider Dr. James’s program. In my mid 30s I felt invincible and was a top athlete in my age group, with a tremendous body. Due to a car accident that had crossed my path, acute and chronic issues started affecting my strength, agility, and ability to perform the athletic activities I enjoy at optimum levels. For over a decade I had been seeking, but regrettably not receiving, the appropriate treatment to diminish the cause of my chronic pain and issues. I had gone to numerous respected, well-known clinics across the country and with frustration – no one was able to resolve my acute and chronic pain and range of motion issues in my back, neck, hip, and pelvis. My symptoms for temporary relief were always addressed, but regrettably, the cause creating the symptoms had not been resolved, so the pain would always reappear.

Working with Dr. James has truly been a life changing experience for me. Today, I feel better than I have in over a decade, and the chronic headache, range of motion, and other infuriating issues I was constantly dealing with are not impacting me on a daily / regular basis.
— Dawn Gershinzon, Michigan

In 2010, I was very fortunate to meet Jeremy James in his position of Director/Therapist at Aspen Back and Body. After many attempts to overcome chronic low back and pelvic pain, I made the trip to Aspen and was rewarded with a definitive plan to recapture my quality of life.

Jeremy’s plans for my transformation began with the initial telephone evaluation. Many of his credos have become my daily constitution.

Jeremy and this experience provided me with the mindset to return home and continue evolving and growing into the stronger and healthier woman I am today. Thank you so much, Jeremy James. Nothing in life is worthwhile without your health! My husband and I wish you and yours the best of everything.
— Gloria Lions, Biloxi, Mississippi

I have had back pain for over 20 years that was becoming progressively worse each year. When I went skiing, all I could do is think about how my back was hurting. My back became so unhealthy that at one point I could not sit or lift more than 20 pounds. I was in Aspen when a patient of Jeremy’s told me I should go see Jeremy at to the Aspen Back and Body Institute. After having Jeremy work with me, l no longer worry about back pain. A few days ago, my wife asked me to carry 85-pound bags of fertilizer. I did it with no problem. When I am in Aspen, I always go see Jeremy at The Aspen Club Back Institute.
— Howard Jenkins, Tampa, Florida | Former CEO and Current Chairman of Executive Committee, Publix

I have had serious neck stenosis issues for years and to put it simply: Jeremy has fixed me. A combination of neck and back strengthening exercises, patiently rolled out over time, has made the difference. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, easy to work with, and a great guy – [an] unbeatable combination!
— Bob Hurst, NY | former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs

My name is Tony Caine. I am 60 years old and I lead and active Colorado life style — hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, and golfing. However, it hasn’t always been this way.

I’ve had a history of chronic back pain, including [a] surgery in 1987. Three years ago, my back pain was so severe [that] I couldn’t do any of the physical actives I love. Back pain caused me to miss social and school events. At my worst, I couldn’t even tie my own shoes. I experienced days where I couldn’t get off the floor and succumbed to drugs to relieve pain. The exercise routines I thought were strengthening my back weren’t helping. Rest made no difference. In short, back pain was making my life miserable and I knew I had to take action.

I went to a neurosurgeon who fortunately provided the advice that physical therapy was the first approach. I then had the fortune of being introduced to Dr. Jeremy James. Jeremy was empathetic to my circumstance and immediately provided a positive outlook that I could get back to an active lifestyle. He assured me that with the right approach and a commitment to consistent work, I could eliminate my back pain and maintain a healthy, pain free back! Basically, I had a path to getting my life back.

Jeremy’s approach started with determining some of the root causes of my back pain, providing an understanding of the muscles supporting my spine, and altering a few basic daily movement patterns. Then we started with a few static exercises to activate muscles supporting my spine. We established an early goal of being able to tie my shoes without pain.

Each week, we progressed with more and newer exercises. Equally important to the physical routine, I became optimistic about my back health. I finally had a positive path and hope! As I developed better core strength and my back became more stable, we were able to implement more aggressive exercises. Jeremy’s routine was never redundant and consistently pushed me to improve my back and core strength and mobility.

Today, I am back to all my physical activity with zero back pain. My path to a healthy back wasn’t immediate; it took several months and a commitment to complete the exercise routines diligently. But I made steady progress from the beginning. And yes, I can tie my own shoes now!

Most important, I now have the knowledge, resources, and a pattern to maintain a healthy back!

Thank you, Dr. Jeremy James!
— Tony Caine, Aspen, CO | Founder of Spyglass, Inc.

I was very limited in the exercises and activities I could do. Jeremy took the time to explain the anatomy and mechanisms causing my back pain. He showed me how to control muscles that support the back that I did not even know existed! In only four days I was free of lower back pain and able to do exercises and movements that I had not been able to do in 10 years.
— Lesley Friedman, NY, NY

I started working with Jeremy in March of 2015 after struggling with often debilitating back and neck pain due to disc problems, stenosis, and multiple surgeries with varying degrees of success. The chronic pain had really started to erode my quality of life, interfer[e] with sleeping and [my] enjoy[ment of] my usual sports and other activities. Not knowing how severe my pain would be on any given day started to take an emotional toll as well, as I felt that my activities were limited by my pain level and I was fearful of doing things. Jeremy was excellent at addressing the various joint and muscular problems that were preventing me from fully healing; however, it was truly his attention to ALL the contributing factors related to my pain that was unusual and extraordinary. Jeremy was the first person to address my spine problems holistically, taking into account emotional, nutritional and postural factors. I came to realize that my unconscious reaction to stress would cause increased muscular tension that would really flare up my back and neck pain. As I became aware of this cycle, Jeremy helped me to break this stress response through breathing exercises and increased body awareness. Coupled with an easy-to-follow program of daily maintenance exercises, the results have been remarkable. After working with Jeremy for months, first to assess my musculoskeletal issues taking all factors into account, then working to gradually strengthen core muscles and other vital supportive muscles, I finally reached a place of stability and control. Jeremy taught me a fairly simple routine to maintain the progress I had made. Despite the significant anatomic problems in my spine, as long as I am disciplined and do my exercises faithfully 5-6 days a week, I am able to live my life to the fullest. I now feel like I have the tools and the confidence to understand what is happening if I begin to have a flare up and what I need to do to quickly reduce or eliminate the pain. The best part is that I can now sleep pain-free and getting enough rest is a huge factor in my well-being.

Thank you, Jeremy James!
— Anne Hall, Aspen, CO

When I found Jeremy, I was recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back and in quite a bit of pain. Through our work together and the expertise and exercises he has provided, I now have a daily maintenance program for my lower back that has kept me pain free and has me keeping an active lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Jeremy any higher for anyone who is dealing with low back issues. Complete, comprehensive care second to none.
— Frank Newman, Kansas City, MO

I am a mother of four and love to exercise and stay active. Surprisingly, a lot of my exercises and activities were contributing to my recurring back problems. Jeremy quickly identified and cut the harmful exercises out of my routine and introduced safe alternatives. He also investigated things I would never have thought of that ended up being contributors to my back problem, including my mattress and the way I rode my bike in spin class. Now, following Jeremy’s rules, I am almost always completely pain free. When I do have the occasional mild flare up, I know how to end it myself, thanks to the knowledge I got from Jeremy’s careful teaching. I am more active than I was 10 years ago.
— Juliette Ferrell, Aspen, CO

Most of my friends close to my age have problems with their backs. Jeremy was one of the few chiropractors, trainers, or physical therapists who first analyzed the source of my problem and prescribed exercises that focused on minimizing the pain I was dealing with daily. I have always felt and believed that Jeremy’s attention to my issues were personal to me, and effective in order to help me live my life normally.
— Arthur Bellis, New York, NY

When one lives in pain it is difficult to not feel defeated by age. Not one to ever just give up, I began asking those I respect and admire what I should do, and the name that was repeatedly recommended to me was Jeremy James at the Back Institute. Within only eight weeks, the pain dissipated from his muscle release methods, his exercise training, and his homework assignments. I feel very fortunate to have had Jeremy help me to get back on my mountain bike and my skis again, and although I may need a tune up from time to time, I have a new license on life and am back to playing hard and enjoying life to its fullest.
— Jillian Livingston, Basalt, CO

I started working with Jeremy in 2014 after suffering for years with episodes of very intense low back pain. It all started with a fall in 2000 that caused permanent damage to my SI joint. Since the fall I would experience regular periods of terrible low back and pelvic pain and a feeling of being out of alignment. I was told that the fall caused a sprain to ligaments in my pelvis, resulting in a permanently unstable SI joint. I saw many chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, and acupuncturists. While some of these were able to give me short term relief, I never experienced any lasting relief. I lived in constant fear that bending down to pick something up or some other formerly insignificant activity would cause days of pain. Jeremy taught me how to use the muscles in my core to support my SI joint and guided me through a program to strengthen the muscles in my pelvis to keep myself in alignment. He also showed me how to move so that I could go through life without the fear of putting myself “out.” Once I got my low back pain under control, Jeremy upped my workouts to include movements and fast paced exercises I would have not thought possible. If I follow his protocol I am mostly pain free. My episodes are far less frequent and much less severe if they do happen. They are usually a result of me doing something I shouldn’t have done or falling off of the exercise wagon. I am now able to live my life free of the stress and fear of debilitating pain.
— Kay Dunton

I am a 74-year-old male with osteopenia and stenosis of c-1 to c-5 (diagnosed by the Veterans Administration). My weight is 195 and my height is 6’ 4’’ and have always worked out and done some cardio (went to state in track in high school two years). Between 43 years as a banker, poor posture starting in high school and reading 3-4 hours a day beginning when I retired five years ago —- my neck become stiff and even stiffer 4 years ago. The VA tried physical therapy and eventually sent me to the West Texas Rebab Center (a very well-respected rehab center) for help. They eventually told me that I would always have a stiff neck. I have never been one to take no as a dead end and I found you on the internet. I was a loyal follower of “Younger Next Year” and at one point almost attended the retreat in Aspen. I found your program and after reading all the orientation data — decided to work on the BackForever program due to the logic of the program and your connection with Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge.

I am elated to report that after working on your program for ten weeks that my neck flexibility has improved dramatically and intend to keep up the pace and look forward to starting on Forever Golf, as I now can move my neck to see the line to putt.

I am forever in your debt and appreciate your work with neck and back issues.
— Your loyal follower, Charles (Tom) Boecking

My experience with Backforever has been a very good one. I am 61 and my husband and I care for three of our grandchildren while their parents work. The youngest is a 25 pound eight-month-old little boy! Needless to say, I have been worried about my back while caring for these children. Backforever has given me the tools I need to take care of my back while caring for these children. I have learned how to move and lift properly, and how to strengthen my back so as not to do damage to my back. My back pain is quite a bit less now than it was before I did the program. I am very grateful for all I have learned. Many thanks,
— Claire Ott